Daily Deal Secrets Exposed!!

Daily deals are sites that connect you to deep discounts at local merchants. They rotate those every day with new restaurants, shopping, spas, movies, shows, etc until you find something you like.

Update… there is a new service toolbar called “Drop Down Deals” that let you have access to a ton of these deals easily and in one place. I highly recommend it. Check out the link at the top to grab it now.

What Do Daily Deals Do? (hehe)

They’re all worth the time and effort to sort through, but you need to know a few things first:

  1. They’ll all email you daily deals so if you’re signed up for multiple companies, you’ll get a lot of opportunity to check out the best your town has to offer.
  2. Some companies focus on only a select few markets, so if you’re not in those markets, you might not need to sign up just yet.
  3. Each of them are going to create some big buzz for the vendor. Try to either get in quick to try their product or service, or pace it out a bit to get the best experience.
  4. They make their money as a reverse advertising company, charging the local company based on total sales rather than up front and hope for sales. It’s a win / win for both parties.

Here is the top US based deal finders.. We’ll publish detailed reviews of each to give you the low down as we test them over time.

  1. Groupon – Biggest and if not first, first to do it right.
  2. LivingSocial - Right on Groupon’s heals and anyone who can’t get their offering on Groupon goes to them next.
  3. Dealfind – Growing like a weed!! Smaller, but we like them so far.
  4. Eversave - More targeted and niche toward women and mothers.

Our Testing Results

We tried each daily deal. We have a mixture of men and women and we each took two services out of a hat and signed up, watched the offers and then wrote answered some surveys about each. We dug through the numbers and were surprised to find the results were pretty much the same on all genders and age ranges.

Groupon Results


They had the right balance of offers for everyone as it kept people coming back to check since they had priority deals. Women were twice as likely to check every day, but men actually bought more deals than women. Average savings was dramatic, over 50% for each.


Groupon stores and services were often packed, but with a little pre-planning, all were able to redeem their groupon coupons easily. We had the heads up from some Groupon pros to call ahead and schedule any personalized services early, and to ask for their slow times for retail items.

Groupon is a clear winner in this category so far. Results of all our detail testing will come later, but from the preliminary results, people that signed up for Groupon were 500% more likely to buy a deal and describe the offerings as “Interesting” or “Very Interesting” each day.



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