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July 5, 2011 admin About

Well.. this site started harmlessly enough. A few people that work in the internet publishing world getting together to provide a place to share what’s new, hot, and how to use new tools that emerge every day. I’d like to say we have a staff, but everyone just volunteers time to get things moving along.

You might see some additions to the site like new look and feel, layouts, and more content. We have some cool people we know that do fresh video content we’d like to share soon that you can check out. We also have been bombarded with new sites and services to feature on a page. We’ll see if we can get them out there. And thank you to everyone that is spreading the word and getting our site in front of people on the cheap. It’s great knowing people are willing to share your site and provide some free advertising for us to let you know we’re here.

If you want any insider scoop about a product or service your seeing advertised, please leave us a comment and we’ll put in the queue. Usually someone that volunteers time will have some insider scoop on it.

Thank you all !!

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